Achievements are stuff you unlock if you do a certain thing in the game. There are currently 35 diffrent achievements to earn.

All Achievements

Win Branch

Name Quest Reward ID
Winner! Win 1 Game "Win 1" Spray 0001
Winner!! Win 10 Games "Win 10" Spray 0002
Winner!!! Win 100 Games "Win 100" Spray 0003
Winner!!!! Win 1,000 Games "Win 1000" Spray 0004
Winner!!!!! Win 10,000 Games "Win 10000" Spray 0005
Winner!!!!!! Win 100,000 Games "Win 100000" Spray 0006
Winner!!!!!!! Win 1,000,000 Games "Win 1000000" Spray 0007
ok Win 10,000,000 Games "wow" Spray 0008

Gameplay Branch

Name Quest Reward ID
Making a diffrence Play 100 Games as a Hero 25,000 C 0009
Making a... Destruction? Play 100 Games as a Villans 25,000 C 0010
Eliminating Threats Kill 500 Villans 50,000 C 0011
Surging whit Power! Kill 500 Heroes 50,000 C 0012
Abbility activated! Activate an abbility 250 Times 75,000 C 0013
Stay down! Kill 50 Enemies whit a Melee Attack 50,000 C 0014
Waste not, want not... Get 3 Kills whit a single clip 75,000 C 0015
The Floor is Lava Get 25 Killing blows while in the air 50,000 C 0016

Collection Branch

Name Quest Reward ID
Kit Opend! Open 50 Kits 25 Rubies 0017
Collected somethin'! Collect a total of 100 items 50 Rubies 0018
No need for grinds Buy something whit Rubies 10 Rubies 0019
Collector Get 50 Collectibles for a single character 25 Rubies 0020
Oooh! Shiny! Get all PubRedem Items 50 Rubies 0021
Filled up! Collect all items for a single character 75 Rubies 0022
Here you go! Give away an item to another player for free 25 Rubies 0023
Thansk! Obtain an item from another player whitout paying anything 10 Rubies 0024

Super Solider Branch

Name Quest Reward ID
REKT! Kill 500 Enemies as Super Solider REKT Weapon Skin 0025
Eat my dust! Do 50,000,000 Damage as Super Solider Dusty Weapon Skin 0026
Lookin' good? Collect 25 Items for Super Solider Card Weapon Skin 0027
Take this! Kill 250 Enemies whit the Smoke mine Smoking Weapon Skin 0028
I got you in my sights! Kill 250 Enemies whit Artificial Aim Target Range Weapon Skin 0029
Mega Madness Kill 250 Enemies whit Total Madness Wirlwind Weapon Skin 0030
Getttttt dunked on! Get 75 Solo Kills as Super Solider "Dunked on" Hat 0031
Megalovania Get 100 Kills as Super Solider in a single Multiplayer Round "MEGALOVANIA" Announcer 0032

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