Contains Cursing, Sexuall Refrences, Lewd Coustomization, Use of Drugs and tobacco, Blood and worst of all, its developed by a girl.

Super Solider in the Trailer

Heroes vs. Villans is a third person shooter game released for Alpha by WolfGirlGaims

It was first heard on WolfGirls YouTube Channel on September 10th, 2020, in which the trailer and gameplay were shown. The gaime was released for Alpha on the 30th of October 2020.


The Classic Heroes vs. Villans concept turned on its head


  • 2 Teams known as "Heroes" and "Villans"
  • 4 Classes of characters for each side
  • 3 Variants of each Class
  • A Loot Kit store where you can gain cosmetics such as Coustomizations and Weapon Skins and loads more
  • 2 Gamemodes
  • 8 Maps
  • All in ALPHA

Update History




Push a payload full of explosives from one side of the map to the other to blow up the enemies base.


Break into the enemies base and steal their stuff and return to your own base


Collect points by killing, damaging, healing, everything.


Main Article: Heroes


Main Article: Villans


Payload Maps

Breakin Maps

Chaos Map

Other Characters



  • This game was made acording to the games creator:
    • To have something to laugh at
    • To have something that she can be proud of
    • To have a non-serious game but include competitive elements

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