Heroes are characters in Heroes vs. Villans. The Heroes are pepole who wants to draw peace in the world. There are four playable Hero classes: Super Solider, Engineer 49, Frontline Surgeon, and Mr. Gigant.

Playable Heroes

There are four playable character classes (described above). All four have different abilities with different perks to using them. In a traditional shooter game, Super Solider serves as the basic assault class, Frontline Surgeon serves as the healer class, Engineer 49 serves as the Support class and Gigant serves as the Tank class.

Frontline Image Health Variants Prime Weapon Abillities Classic FPS Class
Super Solider 175 Doublead Guns Solider
Engineer 49 125 Small Gun Engineer
Frontline Surgeon 150 Bio Rifle Medical
Mr. Gigant 200 Heavy Launcher Tank

Variant Heroes

Each playable character class has 3 variants or more that give the base class a perk. The variants also differ slightly in appearance. Unlocking the variants is done through opening Loot Kits. Each time you get a Character variant you will charge the variant whit 10%. When youve collected the variant 10 times (100%) it becomes avaivible for you to play.

Super Solider

Frontline Image Health Primary weapon Perk
Junk Solider 175 Firepower Guns Fire
Medio Solider 200 Cyro Guns Ice
Radio Solider 175 Radiation Guns Toxic

Engineer 49

Frontline Image Health Primary weapon Perk
Fire Engineer 125 Small Molten Gun Fire
Cyro Engineer 150 Frozen Mini Gun Ice
Engineer 128 125 Toxic Gun Toxic

Frontline Surgeon

Frontline Image Health Primary weapon Perk
Fire Surgeon 150 Fire Rifle Fire
Ice Surgeon 175 Ice Rifle Ice
Toxic Surgeon 150 Radiation Rifle Toxic


Frontline Image Health Primary weapon Perk
Pyromaniac Gigant 200 Fire Launcher Fire
Icecloptic Gigant 225 Ice Launcher Ice
Gas Gigant 200 Toxic Launcher Toxic