This game is rated T for Teen ya Dippshit!

Super Solider during the Game Trailer

Super Solider is a Playable Class in Frontline Fighters. She is a Sience Equiped Super Solider who fights against The Red Butterflies.


Website Description

Being geneticly modified and buffed up whit a load of military beef, Genaroa Supersolia has become the general over the super soliders and is leading her fellow teamates into battle

In-Game Description

Whit dual Doubled Guns, Super Solider can tear through all enemies whit ease, along whit her Smoke mine, artificial aim and Total madness abilities, she can easely win any fights. Unless ye' don't know how to use them



Primary Weapon (Doubled Guns)

  • Rapid Fire Hitscan
  • 40 Round(s) ammo
    • 240 Total Ammo
  • 1.8 Reload Time
  • 4-8 Damage
  • 9 Shots per Second
  • ✔ Can Headshots

Abillity 1 (Smoke Mine)

  • Projectile Bomb Category
  • 4 Seconds Fuse
  • 7m/s Travel Speed
  • 150 Damage (Direct)
    • 1-80 (Splash)
  • 14 Seconds Cooldown

Abillity 2 (Artificial Aim)

  • Self Buff Transformation Category
  • 5 Seconds Duration
  • Effect: You get a Aim-Bot but you get a Damage reduction
  • 22 Second Cooldown

Abillity 3 (Total Madness)

  • Area of Effect Damage Category
  • 4 seconds Duration
  • 50 Damage/s
  • 8m Range
  • 75% Less movement speed
  • 17 Seconds Cooldown


  • Her appearance is recembling Junkrat from Overwatch