This is a page whit all of Super Solider's Collectibles


Quality Name Description
Default Broken General Cap This cap was blown up by Super Solider once. Obviusly
None Boring
Classic Sailor Hat This is KANON
Blender I have blended felling about this
Park Ranger This takes Solider to a whole new meaning
Turban How RCST is this?
Red Visor Used by someone chomping on green shit before
Lotus Flower Not her kind of style
Red Headband Only the hardcore of the hardcore wears this
Hard Hat Thats hard
Crazy Guy I think his name is Dave
Stovepipe Hat More style then a Feodra
Viking Helmet Once belonged to ÅÄÖ
Earmuffs These will sheild ye.
Pink Winter Hat This seem like something I would wear
Trapper Cap Be carefull about this! It belongs to my Grandpa!
Boom Box Thought about the player did ya?
Tank Head Guess its cool if it actully could kill... wait, it can...
Gas Mask Who farted...?
Rocket y u have rocket on head?
Fake Wig Whats worse then a Wig? A Fake wig
Bombhead Some pepole speculate that this thing once blew up. But returned from Bomb Heaven
Achievement Dunked on Getttttttt dunked on!

Weapon Skins

Quality Name Description
Default Doubbed Guns Bleed. heh
Classic Bloody This isnt blood. Even tho it looks like it
Water Pot Splosher Splasher
Mossy Greeny Shit
Smaker Nice....
Magik This isnt Purple
Goldmine This isnt Gold
Bomber Conbomber It is NOT explosive
Smile *smile*
The Destruction BOOM BITCH!
Healer Nah it dosnt heal
Achievement REKT Git Gud
Dusty Hold Lightly, may collapse
Card Black Jack gave this to me

was that racist?

Smoking No Smokin'
Target Range Just taking Target Practice
Wirlwind Might fly away

Voice Lines

Quality Name Quote
Default Psyco Solider I am the Psyco Solider!
Classic Medal? You want a medal?
A General Do I look like a General?
This Potition I dont know if I deserve this potition.
Knock Knock Knock Knock? Who's there? KABOOM!
Not a Hero Im not a hero
Dippshit Ya Dippshit


Quality Name Animation
Default Boom Boom! Fires her guns in the air
Classic Super Thrusting Dose the "Banging" dance
Not that impressed Crosses arm
Stompin' Solidin' Dose the Gangnam Style dance
Yeah Yeah Yeah! Headbanging
Karate Dose some karate punches
Ooh la la! Blow kisses
2Cool4School Puts on Sunglasses
Rump Shaker Shakes around

Death Animations

Quality Name Animation
Default Ragdoll Collapses on the ground
Classic Salute Salutes before colapsing into ragdoll
Explosion Explodes before being launched away
Thumbs down Dose a thumbs down before ragdolling


Quality Name Description
Default Hero The Hero Symbol
Classic Icon The Super Solider Icon
Superb The Shadow of Super Solider
Swedish Hero Super Solider in front of the Swedish Flag
Smoke em' out The Smoke mine abbility icon
Aimbot Artificial Aim abbility icon
Wirlwind Total Madness abbility Icon
Bang Bang! Guns


Quality Name Description
Default Heroes Announcer The default Hero announcer
Classic Super Solider Super Soliders Voice and her own lines
Engineer 49 Engineer 49's Voice and his own lines
Frontline Surgeon Frontline Surgeons Voice and her own lines
Mr. Gigant Mr. Gigant's Voice and his own lines
Achievement Megalovania Is it Sans?